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Hercules Dressing Machine

Hercules Dressing Machine

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Hercules CNC Profile Tooling Dressing Machine

The CNC Tooling Dressing Machine can easily extend the life of your CNC Prolife Tools and make them run true on Natural Stone during the fabrication process. After dressing process, the diamonds are re-opened/exposed to better perform the grinding process.

How Does The Diamond CNC Tooling Work?

Diamond CNC tooling is constructed of Diamond abrasives and bonds specifically formulated for each position. Understanding this is a grinding process, which occurs at the point of contact between the diamond abrasive and the material creating chips. For this operation to work properly, new diamonds need to expose at a consistent rate as a self-sharpening process.

Why Is It Necessary To Dress Your CNC Tooling?

As the tooling is preforming the grinding process it can endure “closed diamonds” or rounded diamonds, causing the load the machine begin to increase. as well as low and high points in the tooling causing lines into the material being machined. The dressing process is intended to preform 2 activities, exposing new diamonds and reducing the high points. Thus, allowing the tooling to work properly will lower amp draws on the machine and reaching the highest quality edge.

Understanding The Dressing Process.

When dressing CNC diamond tooling the tooling must be rotated utilizing a Dressing Machine or the CNC Machine Spindle. While in motion, the operator will take a specific dressing sticks per position, as instructed below. It will be important to soak the dressing sticks in water before coming into contact with the diamond wheel. This allows a slurry to form onto the diamond tooling during the function. It is very important to continually move the stick over the surface of the diamond tool, while applying a consistent pressure. The goal is to re-expose the diamonds and remove any peaks or line in the diamond wheel.