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KDrill Ultra-Thin CNC Core Bits

KDrill Ultra-Thin CNC Core Bits



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KDrill Ultra-Thin CNC Core Bits

Simply Put, These Core Bits Last Longer!

Braxton Bragg is now offering a line of KDrill CNC Core Bits that will save you time and money.

These CNC Core Bits allow you to drill many more holes with the same core bit than other brands. They also offer faster cutting speeds on natural stone.

Many stone fabrication shops still use CNC machines for most of their jobs. Although the production of a natural stone countertop made from granite, marble or engineered stone is still about the same as some years ago, the advances in machinery and CNC Tooling has improved drastically and allow fabricators today to be faster.

Get the CNC Core Bit that lasts longer and cuts faster!

Consider these advantages:

  • Faster cutting speed
  • Longer than usual life per bit
  • ½ Gas thread
  • Available in 1” to 3”