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Raptor 6" Portable Saw With Water Base

Raptor 6" Portable Saw With Water Base

Country of origin
United States

Equipped with Makita 9566CV 6" SJS High-Power Cut-Off VS Angle Grinder (#9379), Yellow 2 Foot Jacket (GFCI) Extension Cord, and 5/8"-11 Talon 6" Turbo Diamond Blade

Specs: 5/8"-11 Spindle, 120 Volt, 13.0 Amp, 5.3 Lbs., 4,000-9,000 RPM


MFR Item #Raptor Saw.

Speed RPM11000

Thread Size5/8"-11

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The NEW Raptor Aqua-Plate Rail Saw makes all other rail saws obsolete!

Unlike conventional rail saws, the Raptor glides on a film of water, all but eliminating the chance of scratching the stone.

Plus... It slices through 3 cm stone like a hot knife through butter at a speed that approaches a bridge saw - no more step cutting required!

The Raptor cuts twice as fast as a current rail saw, at a fraction of the cost. It also cuts small tapered cuts which wasn't possible before.

The Raptor uses a high quality 6 inch Talon Turbo Diamond Dry Granite Blade (we recommend the Talon for this application) instead of an expensive specialty blade at 7 times the cost! Unlike bulky, heavy first generations saws, this saw only requires 120 Volt power so you can use it in any shop. No need to run 220 Volt lines! Any straight edge will work, no need for an expensive, truck ship only, rail system.

The best news is that this saw will save you $2,900 compared to the best selling rail saw and it will out-perform it in every way - We Guarantee It!

Notice: Please read and understand the Owner’s Manual before operating any machinery to avoid damage or risk of bodily injury.