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Sta-Lube Air Tool Oil Bottle Lubricant, 15 oz.

Sta-Lube Air Tool Oil Bottle Lubricant, 15 oz.

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MFR Item #125-SL2531

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Air Tool Oil

Extend the Life Of Your Compressor and Air Tools!

Sta-Lube 15oz Air Tool Oil Lubricant can save you time, money and frustration. Here's why...
Don’t be the one having to explain yourself to a customer that their beautiful custom natural granite stone countertop installation will have to be postponed because your compressor has seized up!

Always keep this Sta-Lube Air Tool Oil Bottle around your fabrication shop.

Because all air tools need care and maintenance and a little oil in them will keep them running smoothly for months, if not years, to come!

Fabricator's Tip:
Follow the recommendations in the manufacturer's manual for all of your air tools to increase the life of your air tools. And keep them drained of water after every use, lubricate them with a little bit of this air tool oil every now and then and viola!