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Talon Array Blades

Talon Array Blades


Uses: Granite, Marble, Quartz
Type: Wet Use Only


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Talon Array Blades

This New Blade Sets the Standard for Diamond Bridge Saw Blades.

The Talon Array 26mm Blade Features The Industry's Largest Segments

Talon Array 26mm Silent Core Blades are designed to cut granite and other hard stones. Talon Array blades will cut granite smoothly, with minimal chipping, and will provide a consistent cut. Having a smooth starting point after your material is taken from the bridge saw means less work in finishing fabrication.

The Talon's use of cutting-edge Array Technology means that the diamonds  on the Talon Array blade segments are evenly spaced to provide the same quality cut from the 1st use of the blade to the last.

Note: Can be used on a high or low horsepowered saw.

Cutting Edge Array Technology

This new blade sets the standard for diamond bridge saw blades. Using the newest technology, these blades cut even the hardest stone without causing your saw to draw increased amps -- extending the life of your saw.

The cutting speed of this Talon blade is equal to any blade on the market. Braxton-Bragg guarantees 100% that this blade will meet all of your cutting expectations.


  • Array layered diamond technology
  • 26mm tall segments
  • For use on 10 horsepower and larger saws
  • Evenly spaced quality diamonds produce a smooth, chip-free cut
  • Wet use only
  • Designed for granite, hard marbles and quartz