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Yellow Jacket Power Extension Cord, 100 Feet

Yellow Jacket Power Extension Cord, 100 Feet

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Yellow Jacket Extension & GFCI Cords

Don't Let Second Rate Extension Cords Ruin Your Power Tools!

Yellow Jacket Power Cords are the best 15 amp extension cords available today -- now featuring GFCI for added safety.

Run with the big dogs! The Yellow Jacket is a trusted name and it's durable, offering dependable power cords.

Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Available in different lengths from 25 foot to 100 foot, Braxton-Bragg has these in stock and ready to ship.

Most of the fabrication jobs and stone polishing is done using the wet process, although it can be done dry. When using water the tools and the polishing pads simply last longer and offer better life.

The Yellow Jacket Ground Fault Interrupter is where The Yellow Jacket Power Cord is not only great for supplying power, but also keeping you and every fabricator safe when working around water. This power cord is equipped with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), which will trip and shut the power off, preventing an accident in the workplace.

Don’t cut corners, get the Yellow Jacket Power Cords!