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Scorpion CNC Sink & Seam Wheels

Scorpion CNC Sink & Seam Wheels



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Scorpion CNC Sink & Seam Wheels

At Last! Sink Wheels That Maintain a True Shape!

Scorpion 1/2 Gas Brazed Sink Wheels Available in 50, 100 and 200 Grit

Braxton-Bragg is proud to offer our customers these exceptional center water feed sink wheels. They are made for us by a well known ISO9001 certified manufacturer and are of the highest quality.

Take a Look at These Advantages:

  • Tough, reliable and long lasting
  • Use on all types of stone
  • Vacuum brazed bond
  • 1/2 gas thread fits CNC or radial arm machines
  • Will maintain true shape
  • Center water feed

Fabricators Tip:

Item #55146 - #55149: ½” Brazed Sink Wheels are ideal for use with Quartz, and have been designed for inside zero-radius sinks.

Items #10431 - #10433: 1” Brazed Sink Wheels are good tools to use for inside sink cutouts, corners and for tiny radiuses.

Items #10434 - #10436: 2” Brazed Sink Wheels are typically used for smoothing out the seams before joining two stone slabs together.

Note: The 50 Grit should remove 0.02" of material. The 100 Grit should remove 0.015" and the 200 Grit should remove about 0.011" of material.